Doing The Work Self Empowerment Course
Doing The Work Self Empowerment Course
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Doing The Work Self Empowerment Course

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What Is The Doing The Work Self Empowerment Course

So 16 years ago, I found myself fresh out of an abusive relationship, with two elementary school aged children and pregnant with the third and in an unhealthy living environment. I felt broken, and alone, and I didn't know what to do to get out of that situation. It took me a whole 13 months to get out of that unhealthy living situation. Fast forward to today, I live in a nice community, in a nice home and I have been happily self employed for 8 years and loving it. However in order to get to where I am today, it took a lot of self reflection, personal growth, and learning to love myself.

However when I began to walk the path on my journey, I had always felt like I could have progressed faster if I had someone in my corner to guide me on my journey but I could never afford the $200+ and hour that most life and wellness coaches were charging for services at that time. 

This Is Why I created the Doing The Work Self Empowerment Course

I decided that when my business begins to thrive, I will create a self empowerment program that is affordable for most budgets and that time has now come. this is the very first time that am offering it to the public. I am so excited to get started working with you so I am offering it at a discounted price to the first few members that take the course.

In This Program We Will Help You :

  • Take your first steps to know where to start on your self care journey
  • Help you with your focus and manage stress via guided meditation
  • Help you do the work of personal transformation with guided journal prompts delivered via text and guided discussions in the community
  • Daily positive quotes delivered by text
  • Provide a positive community and online environment to help you share, learn, and grow into your greatness

Included in the Doing The Work Self Empowerment course is:

  • A weekly guided mindset meditation
  • Guided journal prompts delivered via text message, to help with self discovery and personal growth
  • Daily positive affirmations delivered by text to start your day
  • Workbook Guide for setting boundaries is included and available for download once payment is complete
  • A positive FB community for us to gather and support one another on this journey together
  • Discounts on some of the products in the Tasha Renea storefront
  • Plus more to come!

As soon as you make your purchase, The Creating Healthy Boundaries Workbook will immediately be available for download,  The rest of the content will be delivered to you when that particular module of the course begins.

You will receive The link to the FB group via Email or text, on May 15th, 2021. We will begin bringing people into the group May 16th, 2020. The course begins May 17th. I can't wait to get started on this Journey with you, see you soon!